Careful what you wish for

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Lauren bared her teeth and cracked a knuckle with one squeeze. She could taste the foulness of Mark’s words on her own tongue.

“Don’t you understand?” he yelled. “Either move up north with me, or it’s over.”

Fine with me she thought. It wasn’t as if she lived with him in the first place.

“I understand everything Mark. And I believe some distance will do us a whole lot of good.”

“The bullshit needs to stop. Whatever fantasy long-distance lifestyle you have in mind is never going to work.”

“Traveling is my passion Mark. Always…

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It was early evening; a crimson sun was beginning to set low behind a forest of weeping willows. My teammates and I took our places behind the spray painted start line. We were surrounded by a sea of other teams in orange, red, brown and blue jerseys. They were all chatting excitedly while doing last minute warm-up drills.

The scream of a whistle caught our attention. I felt the usual twinge of excitement shoot through me. Today was the day I would run the 5k in under 17 minutes.

“On your marks,” the official raised his starter pistol. We all…

A deadly invitation

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Lauren woke up the next morning fully rested and exactly where she expected to be. Her pajamas lay clean and neatly folded on the edge of her bed.

A wise decision not to destroy my garments Lauren smiled. This act of obedience both pleased and unnerved her. Since when did Ezra take orders from a pithy human? Things were strange. The strange thing being that nothing was. Lauren knew exactly where she was and why she was there. There was no foggy memory or question of what happened the previous night. She could remember every last humiliating…

Dinner party crashers

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The party commenced, with guests gathering around the table, spraying infinite layers of ketchup over their meat and potatoes. The radio in the adjacent room changed to a Dave Matthew’s song. An alien boy with a lopsided haircut put his finger on the skip button when Zeus cut in.

“Don’t you dare,” he gave the boy a warning glare.

“I make this decision on behalf of all who were not alive in the 90s,” the boy remained defiant. What came after was the sound of pain. …

The Visit

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Lauren awoke that afternoon in a daze. A cup of water was brought to her lips. A cool hand brushed the hair from her eyes. She gasped in surprise, spitting the water onto the front of her shirt. It took her a moment to realize the two obsidian black eyes belonged to Zorin.

“It’s just me,” he said in a soothing tone.

“What happened?” Lauren sat up in bed.

“Do you remember anything from last night?” Asked Zeus standing beside her. Lauren shook her head. …

Jealousy at its worst

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Lauren collapsed on her bed, feeling the cool air from her open window as she listened to distinct conversations from two floors down. She turned her head, gaze lingering on the night sky. She was painfully reminded of the wish she had made the night before. She got up to turn off the light, hearing the shouts of another woman from downstairs.

“So whenever she hits Zeus, all is forgiven! But when I do it, there are ramifications?” The shouts echoed up the stairs. It wasn’t long before a rapid knocking came at the door. Lauren…

A continuation of a new reality

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Lauren walked beside Zorin, taking in the sights. He clasped her hand as they walked across the docks overlooking the water. Boats bobbing along the crystal blue water stretched as far as she could see. She didn’t even have to fake an interest in the tourism and ancient buildings aligning the sea.

“Was the seafood to your liking?” asked Zorin.

“I never thought I’d develop a craving for freshly caught eel.” Lauren replied honestly. It wasn’t enough Zorin had taken her out for freshly caught seafood and sparkling wine before noon. He had bought…

Tips from a rookie

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You wouldn’t think anyone would need to be taught how to do a shot. I mean it’s a pretty straightforward process. You shoot, you swallow, you suppress the gag reflex.

Simple right?

For those of us who missed our college experience (due to having an athletic scholarship and all that junk), I thought I’d share these tips. At social gatherings, the first tip would be to not question uncle John’s sanity when he hands you the beverage. The cup of Redbull with a shot glass in the middle containing a different liquid is completely normal.


Marie Mayer

Writer of short stories both real and imagined.

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