My First Palm Reading

Marie Mayer
5 min readAug 7, 2022

The future hit like a cosmic bitch slap

Virgil Cayasa on Unsplash

I decided to go and have my palm read. My reasoning was just for fun with no particular want for guidance. That’s how I approach life — as one big cruise with many options to choose from. Among these options were a past life reading, a tarot reading, a chakra balancing session and other things I forgot. The place had been in my town for five years and I hadn’t once ventured inside.

I am going to try this. But if I see a shrunken head hanging over the threshold, I’m out. I decided this would be my one and only condition. Wanting to satisfy my curiosity, I called, booked an appointment and made my way over.

I was greeted by a barking silver haired puppy at the door. A woman in a long silk dress and pretty head scarf scooped him up and let me in. The environment was actually very peaceful. It had pretty statues, a table aligned with crystals and pictures of angels.

No shrunken heads. This is a good sign. The psychic herself was very welcoming and polite. After hearing about my many options for a deep dive into my subconscious, I agreed to a simple palm reading (far cheaper than the journey into my past life). She sat across from me, took my palms and from there

“How old are you?” she asked me.