Waitressing for the Socially Inept

Marie Mayer
7 min readJun 28, 2020

Here’s What it’s Like

K8 on Unsplash

I’ve been fired. Much like a sucker-punch to the gonads, I never saw it coming. My manager led me to table two and gave me the news. After two weeks of training, they decided they’ve made a horrible mistake.

“I’m still getting paid right?” I asked. They assured me that I would. I smiled, got up and thanked him for the opportunity. Was I annoyed? Maybe a little. Sure, I made mistakes, but doesn’t everybody? Shouldn’t there be a fuckup minimum? Before I knew it, I had already exceeded the limit. But I realized that day, that this job was just another adventure worth having.

Much like a hit to the gonads, the experiences leading up to that day made for good stories.

After landing the job as a waitress, I was excited. I always love a challenge. I love being on my feet and taking care of business at a brisk pace. And after my previous job at a factory (where I lasted one day), I needed a change of scenery. I never missed the nine-hour grind of ring printing respirator tubes while wearing a hazmat suit, goggles, hair-net and gloves.

After taking on a job in food service, I realized how socially awkward I could be. During my training, I got to shadow a close friend of mine who has been on the job for over a year. When I say shadow, I mean I was a darker version of…