What Have I Done?

Marie Mayer
3 min readJun 15, 2023

Midnight contemplations

Serhii Tyaglovsky on Unsplash

Mama blew a fuse,

They all asked why?

How could I push the perfect man aside?

You know it wasn’t easy,

Can’t remember the last time I cried.

I gripped the wheel tight as the summer wind whipped back my hair. With only the stars and the moonlight as my guide, I turned the dial up, letting the ballads of my favorite song emasculate my guilt.

It was the first time in weeks the mental haze lifted.

Explaining myself was no simple thing.

Who was I to expect understanding so easily?

I guess that’s where the beauty lies.

“It’s not up to them.” My lips released their once locked wisdom.

Can’t deny what’s been done.

Our one-way ticket to hell was earned.

But now I’m breathing deep, seeing the universal truth unsealed.

Our attraction: so wild, so real,

It could never be a mistake.

Had to be free.

To everyone, he was a cool glass of sweet tea,

But you have always been my fire shot of whiskey.